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Turn Off the Lights

Turn Off the Lights, a poetry collection by Michael Rotondo, Canadian Author,

Turn Off the Lights is a combined work of poetry that includes all the poems from my first chapbook, Owl’s Moonlight. It is a collection of poetry dating back to my teenage years that covers a variety of themes, including love, heartbreak, pain, depression, mental health, and concussions. In essence, this is a second edition.

Growing up there was an unwritten rule that men should not express their feelings. As a teenager, it is rather difficult to keep your emotions bottled up. You are navigating the social realm of high school and learning who you are. Why poetry?

I hit some rocky moments in high school that my English teacher noticed. He would frequently give me heck with declining grades and slacking off. The best piece of advice he gave me was about my feelings and writing. He told me that as men, we may not share our feelings with others very often, but there is nothing stopping us from writing to ourselves. Write poetry. Reflect on your work each year. You will learn a great deal about yourself, especially when you are older.

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5-Star Amazon Review

I loved this poetry book. I took my time reading it and absorbing the imagery and messages of the poems. You can tell that Mr. Mike loves writing and the power of poetry. There were a few poems that resonated with me and made me reread them again. The theme varies from his own health struggles to societal matters. He takes you through a plethora of emotions. I enjoyed the various styles he used and the simplicity of the words that evoked so much depth and emotion. I highly recommend TURN OFF THE LIGHTS.

5-star Amazon Review

I really love this poetry. The poet gets it. He writes with passion and feeling, choosing every word yet not stifling them with endless imagery. Wonderful. I loved Time Management, Red Ribbon Parade, Morning Corpses, Paper Heart.

Plutonium Red poetry book cover
Plutonium Red

Plutonium Red

Step into the poetic realm of this captivating chapbook, where the pandemic comes alive through personal narratives, myths, and stories. Delve into the complexities of fatherhood, the impact of concussions, and the enigmatic dance of love. Reflect on government, faith, and the emotions that define this unprecedented time. Within these pages, find solace, understanding, and inspiration that will linger long after you close the book. Let these verses illuminate your spirit and guide you towards hope and healing.

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