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Meet my friends, who are authors, poets, designers, etc.

Eric Montgomery

Photo of Eric Montgomery, American Poet, IT Consultant,

Eric is a creative guy. In the first part of his life, that creativity was in the world of technology (service and support, programming, creative problem solving, web development, graphic design, etc.)

He’s now in the next chapter of his life and is embracing new creative avenues, such as writing and publishing poetry, hobby photography, and his podcast Poetry is Not Dead.

Eric is helping me with my website, from the initial setup to keeping the lights on.

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R.K Gandhi

R.K. Gandhi, writer, poet, educator, ontario, canada

R.K.Gandhi is a writer, poet, and educator from Ontario, Canada.

When he’s not writing, he’s immersed in health and fitness, travel, and the outdoors.

His writing is best described as poetic satire and dystopian, while exploring themes such as trauma, love, spirituality and healing. He is dedicated to sharing his fondness for words and storytelling with the world.

Red Pill Rhymes: a poetical awakening

Red Pill Rhymes, A poetical awakening by R.K. Gandhi,

Red Pill Rhymes is a collection of poems and rhyming stories that take the reader down a journey through the inner workings of the mind and soul, eventually arriving at a truth and awakening about themselves and the world.

It is the shedding of identity, and self-realization of how to overcome challenges, while blowing the lid off our own perceived realities. Very honest in its tone,

Red Pill Rhymes touches upon topics such as anxiety, trauma, spirituality, politics, creativity, government, media, and much more. It ultimately asks of the reader one key question…’are you awake?’

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