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Mr. Mike, whose real name is Michael Rotondo, is a multifaceted individual with a passion for engaging in conversations to learn about people.

He has gained a diverse education background, having attended Concordia University, the University of Ottawa, and McGill University, where he studied Educational Leadership.

He was introduced to the magical world of construction and renovations by working with his father, which lead to a career as a teacher.

Besides his career in education, Mr. Mike is also an accomplished writer, having self-published a book of poetry called “Turn Off the Lights,” which is available on Amazon.

He is an avid reader, writer, and collector of hockey cards, and enjoys interacting with people on Twitter.

Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Mr. Mike values spending quality time with his wife and daughter. He wears many hats and is a devoted father, husband, teacher, writer, podcast host, and lover of life.

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