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My name is Michael Rotondo and I am a Canadian Teacher, Podcaster, and Poet from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Connect with me via my social media links, which are on the left-side of the website.

My Books

Visit the ‘My Books‘ section to learn more about my current and future poetry books.

Now available: PLUTONIUM RED

My latest poetry chapbook, titled Plutonium Red, is now available on Amazon. Step into the poetic realm of this captivating chapbook, where the pandemic comes alive through personal narratives, myths, and stories. Delve into the complexities of fatherhood, the impact of concussions, and the enigmatic dance of love. Reflect on government, faith, and the emotions that define this unprecedented time. Within these pages, find solace, understanding, and inspiration that will linger long after you close the book. Let these verses illuminate your spirit and guide you towards hope and healing.

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